Friday, September 20, 2013


I really enjoy writing.  It makes me feel comforted and I have recently been thinking that the only writing I do is in texts or emails.  It isn't creative or therapeutic or about me or my life.  It is usually informative and boring and answers to questions.  I may or may not use appropriate punctuation.  But I don't like that!  I can write and you can hear my voice!  I am imaginative and reflective and I. CAN. DO. THIS.   

(And what's THAT all about?  That word. and. period. and. word. and period. for. emphasis. thing?)  

Anyway, ok, so what have I been up to?  I guess the major thing in my life is that my little one has started elementary school and that has been a huge adjustment for both of us.  She does like her teacher but does not like when the teacher leaves the class at lunch to eat her own lunch.  (And I really can empathize with teachers and their need for a quiet lunch ALONE.)   I am guessing she has some kind of abandonment issue going on.  The teacher says that this is all a phase and that with time she'll get used to all of the routines of school. 

So I have been working from home on WordPress adding events to a website back home and I'm a PTSA chairperson and I'm trying to be a great mom and wife all the while maintaining relationships with my girlfriends and my extended family.  It's a lot. 

I always say this when I come back to my blog.  That I will be more disciplined.  That I will use this to exercise my writing muscle and get it all out.  We'll see how disciplined I can be.  Stay tuned.

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Bobbypin Bandit said...

I am tuned, girl! Work that writing muscle!

I was so glad to see your name in my inbox! I hope all is well. I can't believe your baby started elementary school!! Time flies!

Hope to see more of you around here.



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